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Hello i  still having problems with order number:

8136243798794354 its imposible to start a chat so the only option left is this because iam trying for month to connect to chat and its not workin in the netherlans


I have returned the drone because it dind’t power on anymore but iam still getting payment costs from klarna of € 240. and i have contacted klarna about this and they where asking me screenshots of my order and dispute and the restitution etc and i have send them everything they asked me but there is a time difference between my invoice of 3 minutes and the invoice what aliexpress shows to klarna.

the seller has comfirmed the dispute and that the product has been returned and has been received and i should get refund but because of the 3 minutes of delay in my order invoice and the screenshots information what aliexpress shows to klarna the still sendig messages that they want me to pay for it plz can you contact klarna because this is a huge problem and the product has been returned to you but i cant get decent contact with some one of aliexpress and the customer service to explain my problem greetz from b.a demas grimbeertstraat 3b 6217BA maastricht the netherlands

Originally posted 2021-11-18 16:24:19.

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