Dear sir/madame,


I received a shirt of which among others the glue stuck out and the logo was not printed well. The seller promised to send a new one but he didn’t. Because he promised to send a new item, I didn’t file a new dispute within 15 days. Hence, your policy says first to contact the seller and come to a solution with the seller. However the seller didn’t send a new replacing item and didn’t reply to my messages afterwards after I found out he wasn’t giving any follow-up regarding the delivery. Right now I’m disadvanteged, because I confirmed a promise from the seller that he would send a new item and now I CANNOT FILE A DISPUTE BECAUSE IT’S PAST 15 DAYS (AND YOUR POLICY FIRST SAD TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THE SELLER SO I WAITED FOR A NEW SHIPMENT, BUT IT DIDN’T CAME AND NOW I CANNOT FILE A DISPUTE ANYMORE).


Therefore I ask you to refund my money or make the seller send a new one. It concerns order number: 8124842723134331





Originally posted 2021-03-10 18:59:45.

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