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Most of the content on this website is in Dutch. My AliExpress English support is something new I am building up at this moment.

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The best support I can offer today is still in the Dutch language. However, as my company continues to grow, I will continue to expand my support in other languages. First it will be the languages I actually speak, later I will also start adding support in languages I do not speak. My team is growing and I am looking for ways of expanding. Download my free book to find out how you can do the same.

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I want to be sure that all service is absolutely amazing. That is why I am building up very slowly. The difference between the support the company offers and the level of service and support I offer.

Why I offer an AliExpress English website?

I decided to offer support in other languages. I want to help people all over the world. If the company does not want to offer high level support, I will step into the game. My experience has allowed me to gain close to 15000 people I have offered support to.

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This is will be more then just a Dutch language website, the AliExpress English website is a new part of what my offering is becoming. If you are interested in starting a similar website or even partnering with me, do get in touch of leave a message below this blog.

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Now the bigger picture is expanding this platform. If you do speak any other language, let me know! I would love to get in touch with you.

Originally posted 2020-07-25 06:28:46.

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