Dave Ramsey special: How I earn 2500 per month!

Dave Ramsey

Writing this blog mostly in Dutch, I hear a lot of Dave Ramsey fans who want to learn how to earn 2500 per month in a few hours a day.

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As this is a Dave Ramsey special, I want all the information here to be free. So the first step will be to register a free domain name. You will not get a .com, but can get a .tk or .ga address. Register the free domainname through Freenom.com. The next step is hosting for a website. If you are going to follow my system, I will pay for your hosting and set up the basic website for you. For more information, contact me through WhatsApp, +31 10 200 6666.

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In the next part of the blog I will actually go ahead and explain how I earn 2500 dollars per month with just a few hours of work per day. You can do the exact same thing, just copy what I do!

How to earn $2500 per month?

Let me start by saying I did not start by earning that amound of money. It took me about 6 months to get the system going. To earn money with a website you need 3 things:

  1. A product to sell (click here to sign up for the AliExpress partner program). Its free to join!
  2. A website to sell from (or a social media page if that is more your thing).
  3. People to buy! Using my method I will tell you how to get those people through a website.

So you set up the WordPress website with 1 free plugin called “Yoast SEO” and write all your content with a keyword or keyword phrase. I am very willing to help you if you need an explanation on these terms.

Next, write blogs on any AliExpress related subject. Be sure to include links at regular intervals where people can click and buy. For example:

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Now if you have any questions you would like an answer to, just get in touch! I would love to help!

Would Dave Ramsey approve?

I do believe that Dave Ramsey would approve. Because of my location, I do not listen to the show daily, but do like to watch the show at times. I will try and call in over the next week to ask if he does approve of my method. If Dave Ramsey reads this, please comment or get in touch!

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