Waterproof Glass Bottle Stickers on Aliexpress!

These chalkboard labels are made with contact paper and made into pretty edged labels. Multiple uses on multiple surfaces and can be reused. Just peel the backing off a corner and place on a storage bin,containers.I have used them at parties with the guest’s name on a cup. Fun! 


Brand new and high quality.

Include: 40 Labels.

Size: 35mm*50mm.

Made: contact paper.

Multiple uses: jar, container, storage bin.

Help you to organize. 

 Package Included:40 x Blackboard Stickers Labels.

40 Stickers Only 1,85$ !

If you want check and buy Click here ! 

Then in conclusion. Do you have questions or do you want to be sure that you receive the right product? Contact me. I will help you personally via WhatsApp, email or chat.

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