The Secret gives only half of how to solve problems!

The Secret

The Secret is the book that got me started in self help. It has helped me a great deal, but did not even come close to solving the problems I had in life.

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What is very important to know is that most books will not tell you where problems come from. Most books will not explain what the true end result is of solving problems. Now lets imagine that there is a book that does help you to move forward. That book does indeed exist. It is a worldwide bestseller and has been for over 50 years.

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It is the goal in the end to help you move forward. The only true way to do that is when you find out what is causing problems and how YOU can solve them. If you have any questions about this subject, just get in touch.

What did The Secret miss?

The idea of the book is fantastic. Think positive thoughts and you will get there. That is true in the end. However, what The Secret does not mention is HOW to get you to thinking positively.

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Now I understand you may not be a reader. That is really okay. We are only looking for the most able people. Someone that is willing to buy a book and able to read through the whole book. It is not as easy to read as The Secret, it is tough!

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For now, that is it for me. When you are ready to move forward, do let me know. I am willing to give you a free consultation in any of our offices around the world. Again, my goal is to help.

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